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Recording Episode One | Intro to loving my heart

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Sometimes you just go for it. Not knowing what to expect. You don't have to have everything lined up to just start. I've been thinking of starting a podcast for a while now.

It took a giant life shake-up or 'plot-twist' as I call it, to really dive in without thinking twice. I guess it's true what they say about 'rock bottom,' there is one thing to do, and that's to go up.

After staring at a computer screen for countless hours. Watching videos on the best microphone to order, how to post podcasts, how to record podcasts, and more... I finally decided to just dive in. As I was still working with a composer to make my music and my awesome graphic designer to make my logo. I just went for it.

I wrote out the intro:

"Hey everyone this is hey heart 143 - with Nataly Tavidian, 143 means I love you. Together we're learning to love ourselves and stay in love no matter what life throws at us. We are constantly evolving, changing, growing - emotionally, spiritually & physically, and we have to  remember to check in with our own hearts as we're propelled forward.  When you love YOUR own heart you heal better, you do better and you live a more fulfilled life."

Okay, I got the intro down. It describes the importance of loving your own heart.

Now to be real. Now to be authentic. Let's record.

If you know me, you know most of my career I've been a general assignment reporter, or a television news reporter and anchor. I told stories about other people. I connected with people every day! I loved it. I love everything about the skills I learned by being a journalist by profession.

It was time for me to step away from this fast paced career and spend more time with family.

That said, because of my upbringing, because of my view of the world, and because of my people pleasing lifestyle and personality... I never once stopped to take my own heart and my own feelings into consideration.

I've never tried to tell my own story. I've never been able to tap into my own heart and ask it, hey heart, how do you feel today? Hey heart, I love you. It's an incredibly freeing experience to stop and tell yourself, "Stop trying to please the world, think of YOUR own heart."

It's really selfless.

Think about it. How many people do you know who try to be strong. Who try to be there for everyone. Who spread themselves so thin, that they're constantly getting sick, or stressed or anxious all the time?

Wouldn't the world be a more beautiful please if all stopped and told ourselves, "Hey heart, I love you." When we are happier in our own skin, that radiates. Relationships.

It is a straight talk episode. I just went for it. I was being true, real, and authentically Nataly. I recorded this at Inavizion Media . I sat in the studio, by myself and didn't think it would bring me to tears. I focused on how I showed love to myself over the weekend. I hope you're inspired by my independence and self love journey.

Please e-mail me your stories at

I had no idea that recording would turn into tears. I'm so grateful for all your support! Thank you so much. Much love from my heart to yours!

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