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Ep. 8 Feelings | How to Use them to Your Advantage

Lets tap in and navigate feelings, They are part of our guidance system.

In this episode Wahe Guru Kaur teaches me how to get beyond the stories we make up in our head about feelings and speaks of the tools she uses to navigate high levels of stress in the Aquarian Age.

She speaks of living your dharma (our souls purpose) vs. your Karma. Wahe Guru says, we can either follow our dharma or suffer our karma.

The universe doesn’t have a preference of it. It’s up to our soul.

Owner of the “Awareness Center Yoga" Wahe Guru Kaur, is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, teacher, an intuitive healer and has many psychic gifts. She says

“one of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan is that our feelings are the senses of our soul.” This is a piece of information that another teacher captured from Yogi Bhajan. Something that missed by others.

“Every time we have a feeling, it’s our soul guiding us in a particular direction.”

Negative feelings aren’t bad or wrong, they’re giving us information. They’re telling us things like “oh I’m feeling angry right now, so maybe there’s a boundary that’s been crossed or some self healing I have to do."

So many people mask feelings with medication, drugs, alcohol.

That vibration of anxiety is what brought Wahe Guru to The Awareness Center, many years ago. I had major anxiety and panic attacks. Pretty much low level vibrations at all times.

The anxiety is in your heart chakra. You feel the fluttering in your heart and throat center, and that’s the source of your power. Your heart's guidance can take you on a true journey that your head and your mind would miss.

“The heart's information is the information of the soul.”

The anxiety can tell you, you’re off course a little bit, but it can also tell you if you’re taking on other peoples feelings.

Wahe Guru says she has many psychic gifts that is a blessing, but years ago it was a challenge, because she’d pick up on other peoples feelings.

It affects everything in your body, your breath, your hormones.

"The levels of stress we have around us, just when you walk our the door... you’re getting bombarded."

Different teachers that I’ve studied throughout the years, and specifically Yogi Bhajan talked about a time after the Aquarian age, (2012 we transferred from Piscean Age to Aquarian Age), that the levels of stress and the levels of cortisol in people bodies, and the reactions in peoples bodies would get so incredibly heightened in the information age that people would go insane or go into a cold depression. A serious depressive state for society overall. This creates an inability to be able to connect with other people.

At the Awareness Center Yoga, with Kundalini Yoga and meditation and beyond, Wahe Guru teaches people how to change their inner self. Kundalini Yoga and meditation teaches how to deal with stress, how to have authentic relationships, how to live with vitality, regardless of anything. She teaches people to go inward and rely on their spiritual practice.

What is Kundalini Yoga and Meditation?

An ancient practice that comes from India. It was originally cultivated by the Sikh Religion.

It came to the United Stated in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan. It was once a secret type of yoga. It was for those yogis who are going to dedicate their life to the practice of yoga and practice the yogic technology.

Yogi Bhajan’s guidance was to come to America and bring it to everyone. The powerful techniques would be available to everyone.

It is Asana (postures) that awaken the natural energy in the spine and help you circulate that powerful energy, (the Prana life force energy), and work with your circulatory system, digestive system and beyond. There are techniques to help balance it out.

Stimulate glands and organs to secrete in the proper way to balance hormones and regulate your emotional system.

You work on regulating major muscle groups of the body. It’s a holistic balance.

There is also mantra, which are positive words and phrases to help shift people to a new paradigm of thinking. It changes the neuron-pathways.

The benefits are to live a happy, healthy and wholly life where creativity is accessible, where you can be authentic, speak your truth.

Wahe Guru says one student told her this is “the missing manual on how to be human.”

What is the Healing Breath?

Wahe Guru describes the healing breath:

The healing breath is a Pranic technique that is a standalone technique. You can do this whatever traditions you come from and believe. It’s a natural technique. A three part breath done through the open mouth for emotional release, release of physical pain, old traumas. It brings up stuff from your subconscious mind. You can see it and begin to face it or deal with with.

“I’ve had clients who don’t believe it’s possible, I say just try it. It’s amazing the things that have come up.”

Where it takes you, it takes everyone to exactly the place they need to be. It’s an intelligent life force energy that just knows where it needs to go.

We have an inner awareness of what is happening to us. Whether we acknowledge it or not is up to us.

The healing breath can work for anyone. People who have an openness to spiritual experiences will often have visions. It’s almost like a movie in your mind. It expands your ability to problem solve. If you haven’t done it you can’t imagine how breathing can accomplish these things.


You can be in chaos and can learn to process the feelings in the moment rather than suppress them.

Something that’s been hidden from me is coming to the surface to be revealed. It’s freeing to be in this place. You can look at it and say wow I have survived so much I’ve had so many instances that could have taken me somewhere else.

Feelings are the sense of the soul; On one hand they are very important to listen to, but through the intuition. When we have feelings and we pay attention to them through the mind or the ego that’s where we can get into trouble. The ego and interpret feelings and make up a story about why that is so but that story may not be true. We have to be aware of our feelings and see them through the filter of the intuition.

Feelings are like the weather, they are meant to pass through. At the sun is shining one day, then you see a cloud, then a thunderstorm passes through. Feelings are true to you in the moment but it doesn’t always mean what you think it means.

Wahe Guru says practicing everyday is a choice. She says she has to put herself in a place where she can’t make excuses. It’s only possible to do what she says she wants to do. She has non-negotiable practices.

For more information on The Awareness Center log on to, or follow them on Instagram at @AwarenessCenterYoga.

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