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Ep. 5 Magic, Rainbows, and Healing Arts | A Spirit Voyage

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Christina Diaz, (IG: @RainbowHearts_HealingArts) is an intuitive healer with more than ten years of experience as a certified reflexologist, essential oil educator, and aroma touch technique practitioner. She is a graduate of the 'Awareness Center Healer Training' program as well as a Kundalini yoga instructor.

Christina speaks to me about being a new mom and becoming disconnected from her body. She then wanted to ground herself and found her spiritual community. She combines her love for visual arts and healing arts. Christina gets raw and real about divorce, healing journey, and spiritual voyage.

Painting rainbows, learning about the chakra system, learning more about her spiritual self she describes what led her to launching her holistic lifestyle and business.

Yoga’s aim to take us from darkness to light.

We don’t use the works “magic” and “miracles” as much as we should.

Christina describes her experience with her divorce and how her ‘healer’ and ‘kundalini teacher’ training gave her the strength she needed.

She said she put in a lot of work for her own joy. One of yoga mantra’s she says they did called 'SO PURKH' meditation is “MANTRA AND MEDITATION TO ATTRACT DIVINE LOVE.”

Christina says this is a mantra to elevate the men in your life. She describes using this meditation.

She did all her work preemptively. “I did years of work.”

Happiness is work!

“I understand and maintain that my happiness will serve my kids.”

In Kundalini practice we say Sat (truth) Nam (name or identity). It’s a mantra, a word or sound that carries vibration. When we say Sat Nam we acknowledge our true identity.

Power words are part of her core philosophy: Authentic, Rainbows, Magic, Miracles.

Essential Oil Tips:

For Asthma: Diffused essential oils lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree.

For Bug Repellent: Citronella essential oil

For headache relief: Peppermint Oil

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