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Ep 4: Friday Bonus | July Energy | Eclipse Season

Topics in this episode:

Lunar Eclipse

The July Energy for me

Grandpa’s Life

Recording today was so therapeutic. Thank you for listening.

According to NASA, a partial lunar eclipse takes place when part of the moon enters the earth's shadow. The lunar eclipse on the 16th has brought in triggers for many to make necessary changes.

I’ve been hearing from friends who feel like past emotions are being brought up. It’s time to level up. Eclipses are not to be feared.

For me it’s been about detaching myself from my past. I’ve been very angry at myself for my own choices and I’ve been letting go of that anger toward me. I’ve been all about telling my own self“How could you?” I’m releasing this.

How has this month been for you? How have the last few days been for you?


It’s not linear.

Najwa Zebian is a beautiful writer in one of her poems she says some people spend their whole lives healing and others wish they could. This resonates with me so deeply.

Grandpa Sarkis Tavidian:

This month my grandfather passed away on July 1st. He was an amazing man. I miss him everyday.

I was able to give a 10 minute speech at his funeral. I prayed the night before for him to come to me and give me the strength to be able to get through honoring his soul and giving this speech.

A small snippet from what I read.

“The last time my dede was in the hospital, he asked me how much do you think these nurses make? They work so hard. I hope they're taken care of. Then he grabbed cash from his wallet and tried to tip a nurse who obviously said no, I can't take that. He was like C'mon!!!

I tell this story because this is who he was to the core. Caring. Loving. Kind. 

He was also stubborn in a sense that when wanted something done. He got it done. His rent was paid at least 10 days before the end of the month. He was SO very responsible. On time for everything. Never late. He loved all his doctors and they all loved him. If there was nothing wrong with him, he'd still  insist on seeing a doctor. He wanted to live a long independent life. He wanted to be healthy. 

I LOVE dede so much. I'd call him every day when I was in college. Then when I got my first news job in Nebraska, I'd call to say hi everyday, and then I'd complain. I'd complain to him about the snow. About the cold. About being so alone. 

He'd tell me stories of how when he was around the age of 15 he lied about his age and said he was 18, so he can work as a civilian in the French army. This was the only way he could  bring in money for his family. So when I had a bad day or thought it was too cold to live in Nebraska. I'd remember stories of how he slept in barns and his only source of heat was the breathe of horses. 

I'll say that again, his heater was the breathe of horses. 

How could I complain about anything. I had a heated car, and an apartment with a heater. He gave me SO much strength. So much hope. His stories kept me strong.

He gave everyone strength.” 

July To Do list:

1- Drink more water

2- Eat healthier

3- Learn to say ‘no’

4- Plan a mini getaway

5- Plan a Staycation

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