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Ep. 19 The power of Togetherness | Keeping Your Dreams Alive | & In the End We All Become Stories

Guest Episode: Kristine Kumuryan | Kandid Koffee Creator/Host | Multi-published pin up model 🌹 📸

“In The End We All Become Stories.”

Kristine Kumuryan has that tattooed on her as a reminder that we all carry a story in our hearts.

After you’re gone, she says we all become stories, and your family, friends will carry on your stories.

Kristine and I met at 'Women Move Mountains' event in Burbank CA.

Kristine is the creator and host of Kandid Koffee, an online program designed to shed light on influential Armenians in Southern California. She aims to interview and showcase inspiring stories.

Kristine launched “Kandid Koffee” after she closely watched the revolution in Armenia in 2018. She says it was the 'people in the streets stories' that inspired her to share stories of Armenian people in her local community. “You saw these kids, moms with strollers, & not one bullet was shot, not one knife hit someone's skin. It was so peaceful… it was so inspiring for me.”

She later went to Armenia to interview people. It was 'fueling love and energy' seeing it all, she said.

Kristine says all this was going on during a rock bottom in her life. “It was an avalanche of shitty things happening for me.” This was the time she wanted to do something to share stories of her community.

“I wanted to show Armenian’s in that really good light, in that positive light, there are so many Armenians that barely get screen time. I wanted that fuel of that Armenian pride with everything going on with the revolution to continue with my show.”

Q & A with Kristine

What are some interviews that left an impact you’d like to share?

Kristine: There are so many that stand out to me, they all have great stories. I’ll give you one male and one female. The male: Last year I interviewed a young man named Arman Vardanyan, who is a veteran of the 4-day-war in Armenia. He shared his experiences of a life threatening situation where he was stuck in the tank with bombs going off. We lost 106 people. I told his story and paid homage to the others. He’s such a good man, and we really connected and I felt so much love for him for doing what he did. Coincidentally my cousin in Armenia was on the frontlines of that war. It was sad and emotional, but it had a happy ending because he came out of it, and he is doing great things.

Another one is Talar Keoseyan, she befriended me so quickly and we clicked so well. She is like my soul sister. When we connected she told me a lot of things about her life. I love that even after the interview we stayed friends. It’s organic. So I love when people become friends with me through my show and I can say she’s someone who is a friend, someone that comes over and we have wine and cheese night.

Where did Vintage Kriss begin?

I had some doubters as to how this career is going to go. I’m 4’10, not a runway model. But I found this niche where I feel I represent vintage clothes well. I shop at vintage places. There are also many boutiques here in Burbank. I’ve been published with several of them. I may be contracting something with one of them soon.

“We’re going to make this setback a major comeback!”

What lessons, or stories would you want to be remembered by?

I loved Joan Rivers. God rest her soul. I love fashion, the runway, the red carpet and the spicy things she’d say. I would say I wish I could do something like this. It’s what I felt genuinely. I have two little girls. It’s tough being a mom. I don’t just want to be admired and loved as a mom. I am a woman. I am an entrepreneur. I want to be remembered as someone who did it all to the fullest of my capability.

What do your girls say when they see that?

My older one who is 7, says mommy, I’m so happy you’re doing your show. I let her watch the appropriate ones. She came to me to Talar’s show. She loves that I’m on YouTube. She wants me to be on a Billboard, and the Armenian channel and E!. I love that she admires that and has stars in her eyes when she watches that. I know she’ll be ten times more ambitious when she’s older. As a parent you can do only do your absolute best, stop kicking yourself about things. Do your best and hope everything will be okay.

What do you do to practice self love and self care? Daily routine? Tips?

The easiest way, for me. I love going on a hike or walk or something around nature. Hikes make me feel better. It’s my therapy. Working out is my therapy. I go on walks with my daughter when the weather is nice.

So many things can trigger stress. When I was at my lowest. Aside from a actual therapy and working out and surrounding myself with great people who love me and were there for me, I went through a lot of self loathing during something points. It was like putting pieces together for the ultimate uprise kind of thing.

Putting these blocks on top of one another.
  • Good friends

  • Taking care of me. Working out. Going on walks. Clearing my mind.

  • I did so many things

This may sound really Elizabeth Taylor… but getting up every morning and getting ready. Get up get ready. Put on an outfit that makes me feel good . What’s the alternative? Looking like shit and feeling worse?

How to find Kristine and Kandid Koffee:

Instagram- Vintage_Kriss

Youtube - Kandid Koffee

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