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Ep. 18 How Going for the EFFORTLESSNESS in your life could lead to fun, inspiration and purpose PLUS

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Get rid of the ‘Should’s’ in your life. Allowing ourselves to be human | Looking for the effortlessness | Building Momentum | & The Forced Self Reflection

I feel as though I am entering a new phase in my life, and I thought I’d call this the unofficial season 2 of the Hey Heart 143. Remember 143 means I love you so we’re saying Hey Heart, 143.

My First guest of 2020 is Beatris Karaoglanyan, her spiritual given name is Sat Avtar Kaur, but she likes to call herself Be, because it reminds her to just be.

Beatris or Be, is the the creator of Relationships and Yoga, Healing and Awakening!

She guides her clients into wholeness through Shamanic Coaching, Spirit Journeying, Soul Retrieval and clairvoyant divination.

She weaves  spirituality with science, connecting many different technologies to bring wholeness and healing for her clients and students.

She is passionate about discovering and providing what is needed for healing and real transformation to take place. 

I loved what Beatris said in one of the yoga classless I attended with her where she said to the class...

“ Life should be 90 % effortless and 10 % effort.”

I think I’ve tried to carry that in a lot of things I do.

How can we brig that into our daily life?

B says she learned this mantra on a retreat with another teacher who would push them on their run in Big Bear, California. Her teacher told her to look into nature, and receive effortlessness and inspiration from nature, and to keep that 10 percent effort going. “I brought this into my life, I noticed how much more fun life becomes. A lot more inspiration came in.

There was a lot more ease a lot more play,” says Be. She says she learned to be more aware.

“We as a society push ourselves. We’re taught to work hard, and if you’re working hard enough maybe you’ll be successful, and you will be worthy of the reward, but this 90 percent effortlessness inspiration threw that old pattern out and made life more about what calls me forward, and what makes me want to live my life.”

Q: During this COVID19 pandemic, I’ve noticed social media is saturated with this ‘work hard’ and ‘come out of this with a side hustle,’ and more messages that could make some feel badly.


It is okay to rest.

“If there is a ‘should’ in a sentence, forget about it. This should, could, would, stuff takes us out of our truth and makes us do what other people think is right.”

Let the “SHOULD” go. “The should’s are basically in the way, by sucking your energy out. It makes you feel like you’re not enough. If you can, let go of the should, and receive the inspiration. Does it inspire you to get the new skills going or does it make you feel like it’s too much work and it’s not aligned with you. If it throws you into overwhelm you need to let it go.

If you’re inspired to hustle, to create a website, to go on a run, to do workouts go for it! But don’t do things because others are telling you to. This is what creates that effort.

If it throws you into overwhelm, you need to let it go for now. Overwhelm means you already have too much on your plate.

Daily habits Be sticks to.

1- Morning Yoga practice

2- Evening hike/walk in the mountains.

Be says this is her alone time with herself, and this helps her be her true self to not be distracted by the ‘should’s’ of other peoples’ opinion. This allows her to see who she truly is.

Be has a government Job, working for the EPA, and teaching yoga in the evening.

You can find B teaching Yoga on ZOOM through the Awareness Center.

Beatris says the pandemic has expanded her practice through what’s possible through technology.

Q: You mentioned this is ‘waking us up? What does that mean to you?

Be: This is a time of death and rebirth of humanity. We have never experienced anything like this as a whole.

The new beginning that comes through death and rebirth creates amazing transformation.

We’re seeing the air is cleaner. There is less traffic. We’re going inwards.

“Our shit is floating up, we’re sitting with ourselves we’re forced to sit with our shit. Whether it’s fear or anxiety whatever has been stuck in those old, old hidden cracks and crevices. It’s floating up and we get to sift that off the top of our spirit surface and clear it out. There is a major clearing that’s happening to all of us. I am hearing you’re doing the work. You’re letting fear and whatever it is come up and sitting with it and moving to a better place through dancing, through whatever you need to do to feel better. This is an amazing practice!”

“The other thing I wanted to say is about this whole social distancing thing. We need connection. Our Culture, it demands separateness, it demands disconnection. We haven’t known how to connect heart to heart. This Coronavirus (social distancing) is in a way helping us connect to ourselves, our true selves. From those true selves we have the natural ability to connect with each other in a deeper way. Soul to soul level rather than head to head.”

“A lot of us are condemning our human experience by saying we should be doing this or shouldn’t be doing that. Allowing ourselves to be human, means allowing ourselves to have those moments where we lose control and binge, or fall into depression or we’re scared or anxious. All this stuff that’s linked to survival that has helped us through millions of years is part of our human experience.”

Q: I’m hearing it’s been very difficult for people living entirely alone. The uncertainty makes it difficult for a lot of people.


Uncertainty is big, it’s always present.

Certainty is an illusion. It’s part of our illusive reality that keeps ourselves unaware and numb. Uncertainty in nature is ‘normal stuff,’ what keeps me balanced is trusting that I am connected to my inner self. I am connected to great spirit. I am held. I am supported. God supports me. Whatever God is to you, to me God is this conscious aware energy that is within everything. It is alive within everything that’s out there and in here. I am in constant co-creation with God. This helps me feel like there is complete certainty in the Uncertainly. I have control because I’m in communication with the creator. I am the creator and the creator within me is creating with the big all creator. There is no fear of death, or loss, everything is continuously changing and transforming and there is one thing that’s changeless, and that’s the inner truth. That’s me. All the other stuff is uncertainty.


Sometimes it takes effort to sit yourself down and go in, I would recommend, to have little tiny commitments. Sometimes we tend to be big thinkers and commit to 45 min meditation and an hour run and yoga everyday.

The universe loves momentum. You start small, two minute meditation everyday. If I want to do more that’s fine, I’m allowed to do more. Don’t change the commitment of that two minute commitment until you get momentum. There is this lizard brain that shuts down when we get scared or overwhelmed we go into that lizard brain fight, flight, freeze experience and we literally cannot think

We beat up on ourselves. So little commitments. What is it that inspires you? What is it that your spirit says. Maybe instead of a long walk you just go stand outside.

The 10 percent effort is, ‘I’m going just stand outside.’ What feels like your 10 percent effort? Just stand outside. If spirit calls you, start walking.

Be’s 143 Self Love Tips.

*See what inspires you, what makes you feel self love. Sit with that. Maybe sit with your journal and ask yourself what does self love look like? For me it’s hiking out in nature, taking a bath, writing, pulling a card everyday from my oracle deck.

*Self love looks like saying ‘No’ to something. Saying ‘no thank you.’

  • Saying ‘YES' to whatever aligns with me. That’s self love. Saying ‘yes’ to something I’ve been afraid of but I know this is something that I want.

*Being committed to holding on to my power, and not giving it away.

Repeat after me...

Be’s mantras posted on her wall.

1- When she feels like you SHOULD be doing something. Taking care of others, or something is on your mind torturing me.

“I release YOU to your own highest good.”

2- The other favorite mantra to do looking in the mirror.

“I like myself, I love myself, I see my soul”

This is a good one to build that momentum that you want for your day.

To find Beatris or join her ZOOM yoga during quarantine


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