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Ep. 17 Gentle Reminder: Avoid Food Guilt for the Holidays and Beyond

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Healing your relationship with food

The connection between - Nutrition + Movement+ Emotion

What does a holistic health coach do? They look at a person as a whole and how other areas of their life are affecting what they are dealing with.

This month, I wanted to address the topic of health. So many people are 'guilted' into going to parties, attending pot-lucks, and drinking around the holidays. Whether you're all for the fun or go because you have to, many can't help by feel the 'guilt,' when indulging.

This goes year round, but it's particularly heightened this time of year.

Some psychologists say a little bit of guilt is normal, but to feel that shame constantly can lead to unhealthy patters and bad feelings about food.

It could lead to emotional or eating disorders overtime.

Jessica Nusbaum speaks with me about finding the balance when you can and the importance of healing your relationship with food.

Many clients come to her when they've reached a place of 'can't do this anymore,' so she works on creating a consistent healthy lifestyle for her clients.

She says you can’t treat the holidays any differently than the rest of the year. When it comes to New Years resolutions, the all for December and nothing for January isn't the best option. "Let's bring it together,' she says about bridging the all or nothing gap.

Listen to episode 17 to hear Jessica's story.

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Exercise moved me out of depression.

Heal your relationship with yourself first.

Say it out loud.

Do acts of self care that create things in your favor. For yourself as opposed to against yourself.

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