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Ep. 16 Recurring Life Lessons | Worthiness



Dan has such a light energy to him. He’s always making others laugh around him.

In this episode we speak about his transition from Australia to the States. How it’s like to live and work in the TV industry in Los Angeles. Navigating through pain.

Dan says he had a great childhood but as a gay boy he felt he didn’t fit into his school setting. He is from Geelong, Australia.

He says most of the bullying that took place in Junior and High school he felt it was the whole school against him. When you’re so used to the whole school being against you he says he never wants to see anyone hurting.

“I’m very sensitive, and I never want to hurt anyone, I always want to make them laugh.”

When he switched schools, he decided he’d change his attitude and come up with a survival method to avoid bullying.

His life lesson through all of this has been “worthiness.”

It’s probably still there deep down, you think it’s gone because it was so far away but it’s still very much there, worthiness is what I struggle with from that. I grew up in a household where I was told I was worthy. My parents always instilled worthiness into me but having been unworthy time and time again for a decade to my peers it didn’t matter how worthy my family made me feel.

He shares a story of his mother who he says weighed up to 300 lbs at one time and did everything she could to lose the weight but even at 300 lbs she’d walk into a room like she’s a rockstar.

Everyone else in the world that I deal with on a daily basis is telling me I’m not worthy. I feel this lesson will follow me for the rest of my life.

“You make sunshine out of rain.”
“Rooster one day and feather dust the next day.”

Los Angeles is a city that’s constantly telling you you’re not enough. It’s not just Hollywood. But Hollywood is magnifying what everyone is going through.

I get rejected a least 10 times a week from roles because I am considered not enough for that role. It doesn’t make sense with this upbringing that I had.

Dan Babic says it comes naturally to put on a show for him. It is my form of meditation he says.

It’s interesting I chose show biz. A lot of people who work in Hollywood want to feel worth.

Dan says his form of meditation is working in show business. He says he feels most present through his line of work. He says his job keeps him grounded, sane, and the chatter of his mind. This and being in nature he says.

Tips for self love from Dan Babic:

  1. Stay off your phone for 24 hours. Go into nature, go somewhere with no cell service “It’s the most relaxing thing in the world.”

  2. Do what makes you happy (ice cream? Movies? etc.

  3. Be kind to yourself.

Everyone always says the one thing to do when you look back in your life is to just relax.

Dan says to him happiness and love and light is always around the family. That’s why he’s spent his sick days binge watching the Sound of Music he says the movie is a giant symbol of through darkness there is light.

Dan shares he struggles with wrapping his mind around why many of us are so blessed in the states and in third world countries people cannot even get water. He speaks to me about the sorrow he’s felt visiting orphanages and villages where people struggle with disease and hunger.

He says there is a lot he’s seen with his own eye that he’s felt helpless about. “It just seems like it’s in Western countries that everything happens for a reason. There are so many people who are just trying to survive.”

He says he loves to give back and it brings purpose to his life.

To learn more about Dan Babic, find him on Instagram @DanBabic.

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