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Ep. 15 Award Winning CEO | Tips on Self Love In Your Career & Leadership with Love

Self-made career woman. Award winning CEO. Takes a pause from her career and comes back, and climbs the corporate ladder. Is this something you dream of doing? Read on to learn about about Renata Stone and her journey to awakening her soul, filling her heart with love, joy and fulfillment.

When Renata Stone said she was quitting her job to sell everything she owns and travel the world, people told her exactly what you'd expect them to say. "You're crazy." That's too bad she said and left the states for eight months of travel.

Spending time in Europe and Asia, when she got to Thailand she went on a meditation retreat. Renata says she had a violent childhood growing up. Raised in a rigid, judgmental up-bringing with a father who was abusive at the time. "I had to work for everything I had. I paid my way through school. At 13 I had a car-washing business."

She once labeled herself as an atheist who was neither spiritual nor believed in a religion. Transformational breath-work in Thailand is what changed her life. "It was non-stop breathing for 2 hours." She was open to it. She saw so much in that time. She forgave her father. She became a different person. Her relationship with her father has changed. "There is no one I can't love," Renata says.

I sold everything I had. I got rid of my apartment and backpacked the world for 8 months!

Renata became a different person after this spiritual journey.

It's been the most beautiful gift of my life.

I love my employees she says.

What you want more of you must give more of.

She went back into the workforce slowly. Coming back she worked at the winery where I met her. We met at Kelsey Winery!

Side note: While writing this article I bumped into Renata again at Kelsey winery which is about 3 hours north of LA. We both go there pretty sporadically and happened to be there twice at the same time!

She then went with the company she felt is most philanthropic. "They do free surgery for people in need."

A giant career milestone. Renata is the only female in her YPO chapter. In 2019, Renata was accepted into the elite Young Presidents Organization (YPO) which is an international organization of presidents and CEOs under the age of 45.

I want to help inspire other women to hit that kind of goal. Renata wanted more intellectual stimulation and wanted to surround herself with others with that similar goal.

Renata's advice on how to start your mornings.

Mindful morning:

Every morning you should read meditate journal and exercise.

This is the ultimate loving yourself.

The first thing I do is stretch and breath in love into my body. She wakes up 4:45 or 5am everyday. If you wake up an hour early everyday that's a lot of life you're adding to your day. I exercise and I journal. "High performance planner" is the journal she uses everyday.

To reach out to Renata you can find her on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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