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Ep 14 with Guest Kelsey Crystal | Navigating Life’s Plot Twist’s | Everybody Deals with Trauma

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Topics discussed:

Spiritual connection to Toxic Mold Symptoms

Removing blockages from the past

Releasing trauma

Clairvoyant readings

Keep going forward

The Universe has your back - Always

Kelsey Crystal is from Virginia, she moved to Texas for school and treatment after getting very sick from a myriad of autoimmune diseases. Talk about a plot twist.

She started a side business using her clairvoyant gifts. She says she helps people find clarity and purpose through her readings.

Kelsey became very sick from toxic black mold on top of other autoimmune issues that she says stemmed from the toxicity. She exhausted all her options in the northern Virginia area. At one point her vertigo was so bad she couldn’t get out of bed. “I had brain fog so bad I couldn’t remember anything. I couldn’t do anything on my own, it affected me so badly.”

When she was diagnosed with all this and found out it was from mold Kelsey says she thought I was the only person in the world affected with this. “I joined a group and noticed there are so many others affected with this issue.”

The type of doctors she found that treat this well are the holistic and natural medicine doctors. There are different degrees where MTHFR gene is what I carry, so this means my body isn’t able to detox toxins as well as others, that’s why I got so sick overtime I get exposed to it.

She realized so many people affected with this are highly intuitive like herself. She noticed a giant spiritual connection to many people affected by mold.

She remembers a moment where she called her best friend crying, “I feel like I am paralyzed for life and won’t be able to walk again.”

“I was very depressed for a very long time.” She couldn’t do the girlie things she enjoyed because she became so sensitive to toxins. She felt as though she lost everything. Grieving the loss of everything from her apartment to health and identity.

Emotionally it was draining but what kept her in good spirit is knowing she can help others with her gifts and journey.

Kelsey says she discovered her clairvoyant gifts in her teens. The older she became and the more she went through her gifts became stronger.

Clairvoyant = A fancy word for psychic. Meaning she gets visions of peoples past/present/future.
Medium = Someone who can connect with deceased loved ones.

While using these gifts she decided to use them to start a side business from home.

Today Kelsey has clients all over the world. I thank my clients for showing up for themselves.

How does getting a reading help others?

Kelsey says using her gifts she picks up more of peoples past.

“Here is my theory, I personally think everybody has dealt with trauma at some level. I think the word trauma has been thrown around under-diagnosed. Whether it’s emotional, mental, physical, sexual, financial we’ve all dealt with it.”

So picking up things from the past, I see the connection of the blockages in their chakras because they’re holding this trauma in. If we don’t release our trauma it turns into disease.

“Keep pushing forward if you’re going through a tough time. Better days are ahead. Believe in yourself even if nobody else believes in you.”

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