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Ep. 12 What If There was no Such Thing as Good or Bad?

Is there such thing as good or bad?

Let's talk about the owl symbol I mentioned last week. Recently during a yoga class, the instructor brought in an owl feather with her. Crazy, this sign follows me again. The owl she said is telling us to look at our shadow.

Think about it. The Owl’s x-ray vision eye’s allows it to see in through the darkness, and beyond the veil.

You have to face your shadows and your fears, this helps you move beyond them and find true joy.

The instructor started the class with a story of how a someone at her work was demoted.

She said this person feared being demoted so much that they were consumed by the fear and it did end up happening.

Now that they lost the one thing they were holding on to for dear life, they no longer felt like they were chained or trapped.

They could be who they are. They could speak up without fear.

Who knows what if this demotion, although financially difficult I’m sure, will help them grow in other areas within their field.

What if it’s not a bad thing. What if this is a giant opportunity and not a failure. Wouldn’t you live a happier life if you looked at it that way?

What is good or bad?

Are you having a good day or a bad day? Are you being a good person or a bad person? Could it all be relative?

So at the end of my class I was feeling good. Sometimes I spend the entire hour in tears, other times I try to quiet my mind. This time I was feeling pure joy.

Hearing this story made me feel like I had let go of a side of me. This feeling of complete freedom is on the verge of being reborn. I think that’s why these signs of rebirth continue to follow me.

Here is what I got— the Comfort card arching Azrael the message says “even the strongest person experiences upsetting situations and there’s no shame in taking time to heal your heart. This is a good times for quiet reflection upon your true feelings. Write them down in a private journal and call upon me to bring comfort to your heart and mind. I can help you sleep better at night and put your mind at east.

The other card I put was an animal card that says to embrace spirit with a photo of an eagle.

Eagle conveys the powers and messages of the spirit; it is man's connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird. The eagle brings the message of renewed life because it is associated with the east winds - the direction of spring, dawn and rebirth.”

This says you’re a spiritual being living a physical life. Embrace the spirit in your journey and reaffirm your connection with the Divine.

The message ends with saying both the creative and the destructive, the beautiful and the ugly are born of the Divine.

This takes me to the message of the good and bad.

I had a talk about what message I had to learn from my last relationship. I continue to struggle to find the lessons in this. Yes I am a whole lot wiser.

I don’t make excuses for other’s actions.

I see where I could’ve paid closer attention instead of turning a blind eye.

Innately I feel I have this giant heart of goodness, filled with love, care and the impulse to help heal and be good.

My leadership today is different. I aim to heal by being leader and holding space. It is up to the individual. This is possibly one of the lessons I’ve taken from the heartbreak. You cannot help someone heal if they’re not ready or don’t want it.

So when I told the yoga instructor that I don’t know where the mirror was, what exactly I was supposed to see. I told her, I never judged. She stopped me right there and immediately knew. I had always tried to be “good” yes in quotes.

Would it have been "bad" to judge, she asked.

Why? I have yet to figure it out. It’s probably because I liked the praise. It could be because I don’t want others around me to be stressed out, and in this vicious cycle as an empath I typically would end up feeling that stress.

But she said maybe you could have judged? Why did you think that’s bad?

In that moment I had one of those aha moments.

Maybe… I should have judged.

Maybe it isn’t bad to judge.

Maybe judging raises questions and opens you up to conversations you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Is it bad?

She told me she struggled a lot with good and bad in her 20s.

Today she feels there is no such thing.

This definitely does not mean throwing your morals out the window and being evil, but this notion of holding on so tightly to what our culture has engrained in us to believe is 'good'… to be a lady… to bite our tongue… to not judge… to … you name it… I think that might be hurting us in the long run?

Something to think about.

My experience is just that. My life experience. The people who have come to my life and hurt me, is just that, my pain and my healing, but I hope this story gets you thinking about your image and these labels of good and bad and meditate on if that’s hurting you or helping you. Is holding on to being labeled good actually a bad thing?

Is there such thing as good or bad?

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