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Ep. 11 Burning Old Ways and a Steamy Summer's Closing

Let's get steamy... humid, sexy, risqué, spicy, and all things FIRE Element.

Fire represents transformative energy in its most power forms! This episode was all about transition and signs from nature all relating to transition.

Fire is passion, romance, sexual energy intense emotions like anger, inspiration and vitality. (Straight from Wahe Guru's Healer Training 2019 workbook).

This episode I take you through the connection with the fire element and my trip to Austin Texas.

Austin, TX.

The official motto for Austin Texas is the “Live Music Capital of the World!"

Austin Texas was a beautiful experience. A very large part of my healer training and fire initiation experience.

On the first day we explored South Congress and enjoyed live music at the end of the night while taking in the sights, sounds and the warm summer breeze.

I found the I love you so much mural, 143!

I also found several other I love you's use sprinkled throughout town.

I did not want to stop dancing. It had been a while since I had spent an entire night just letting my hair down, feeling the music and dancing. It felt like I wanted to say welcome back Nataly, welcome back!

We floated to San Marcos River which was both fun and relaxing that same day we went to the bat festival.

Things got emotional unexpectedly.

I meant to speak about this on the podcast but I guess it wasn’t meant to be spoken about and totally glanced over this part of my show notes. While at this festival I started to become very anxious. I felt I was visited from a ghost from my past.

It remains a part of the healing process.

I got very angry for allowed the past to come up (fire emotion).

I think this anxiety and pain was supposed to pop up on my trip because the trip was a lot about new beginnings and to me I think I need to be reminded of the old, to be able to bring in the new. I was very upset at myself at the old memories that very temporarily popped up on this trip.

I was also proud because I was not consumed by it, and it was a feeling in passing and for the first time I paused. I set a boundary. I walked away from the crowds. I felt the emotion in the moment. I didn't mask it in any way. I took a deep breath. I happened to be with a good friend who understood what I was going. I felt the feelings and then I felt the next morning I I had released them.


The city of Austin has 1.5 million bats migrating each year, and they have built their home under the Congress Avenue Bridge. It happens to be the largest urban colony of bats in North America.

Music^ "Zac Brown Band - "Knee Deep" Feat. Jimmy Buffett"

It’s majestic watching them spiral into the summer sky like a world. It’s definitely an unusual tourist attraction I didn't know about.

This is so in line with my summer and the theme of my year.

Doing some research on that spirit animal here is what has come up:

Is says it’s time to prepare for major life changes. Bats can help you if you’re fearful of transition. Bats are misunderstood and they’re associated with the underworld because they only come out at night. They are actually sweet and cuddly and a lesson to not judge a book by its cover.

In China bats represent good fortune and longevity. We'll take it!

This segues to my final day where I checked out the countryside and took a tour of the LBJ ranch and saw President Lyndon B. Johnson's boyhood home. Theme of the day... the Owl!


We made a stop at the locals farmers market. In Johnson City. I was walking and checking out the booths where I did a total double take. This is where I met Phoenix. YES Phoenix. Could it be more symbolic of rebirth? She was majestic check out the video <---! I thought she was fake.

She is part of an educational nonprofit teaching young children about conservation and care. they also rehab birds. The nonprofit is called "Flying For Earth!"

The owl symbolism is also connected to this transition theme.

This animal medicine represents the deep connection that you share with wisdom, good judgment, and knowledge. (

The symbolic meaning for the owl is also intuition and the ability to see what others do not see, the capacity to see beyond deceit and masks.

Remember 143 means I love you, | tell your own heart I love you.

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