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Discussing the Energy of 2020 | Releasing What no Longer Serves Us To Open Space for What's For Us

We have to reevaluate everything that’s going on in our society in our world, in our own personal lives, leading to the changes that are required.

Francine Ang came on Hey Heart 143 to speak to me about the global experience.Francine is a psychic medium and healer in Pasadena. She grew up in a Buddhist family and started her spiritual journey at a very young age. After college, she traveled extensively, seeking knowledge and training with various masters of different traditions in China, The Region of Tibet, India & Japan.

During this period, she came to develop awareness of her heightened senses, allowing her to receive information from the spirit world. After she returned to the United States, she continued to develop her skills with training from world-acclaimed spiritual teachers and mediums. She has developed her special blend of healing modalities along with her intuitive skills to help you find your true higher self.


“Healing has always been for me so many different levels. Spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional.”

The year of the rat: metal energy.

This year started off with Kobe’s death - On this collective connection, on the metal year of the rat, it’s all abut new begging are re-setting and dissolving what didn’t work before. That’s what the collective is about. We’re not independent. Everything we do affects other people and situation. It’s like a ripple effect.

If we understand that dynamic we understand the collective energy we have with each other. Then we moved into the pandemic, and we moved into March. What happens when you keep doing something. Like what Albert Einstein says “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If something is not working, and culturally and collectively we’re doing it over and over again, something needs to happen to give us a different result. This is what the collective evolution is with this pandemic. Things that we thought are working out, our we think is working, it’s a very complicated interconnected web. This is a way of resetting, hitting the reset button and recognizing that it’s not working out.

We have to reevaluate everything that’s going on in our society in our world, in our own personal lives, leading to the changes that are required.

There is the energy of people moving around a lot.

We have to look at it in the microscopic level. What’s happening in the world, and what’s happening in the country, and what’s happening in your family, and what’s happening to you all is quite connected. We’re re-evaluating our systems. People are moving homes, quitting jobs, relationships etc.

This is mother earth telling us, “I’ve given you plenty of time to reevaluate this whole system but this is the opportunity to refresh and recalibrate.

How do we deal with the fear of the unknown:

Fear is a very good motivation from keeping us from doing what we need to do. Fear based emotions are part of our DNA. We first have to accept that it’s very much a part of us. There is nothing wrong with having fear, because it is self preservation. What happens is that in our brain, we have a frontal cortex telling us whether we have to fight or flight. Tee frontal cortex gets stuck and we get into this limbo state of freaking out. If you take time to think about fear based emotions, you will recognize you’ve been there before. When you get stuck in the motion of not being able to rationalize fear. You have to recognize that you have the tools to deal with fear, to conquer fear. We wouldn’t have survived for millions years without knowing that’s in our power.

We have to recognize the rational and irrational fear base. For example, bees are such a wonderful creature of our environment but we have always been taught to stay away from bees. If you think about it, the bees have NO interest in stinging us. In some crazy way we become fearful of something and they’re fearful of us. When you hear the sound of the bees you immediately feel fear. When you really think about tit, it’s doing it’s own thing. The irrational fear of bees will slowly subside and you no longer feel it in the moment. It’s important to reason with yourself of what’s rational and irrational fear.

When a client tells me they feel stuck we have to realize what they’re actually stuck on.

Fear of the unknown: We are constantly struggling to stay present. In this very moment. The future is now. When you recognize what you’re doing now is already affecting your future. If you really think about it you’re always projecting the future. Don’t try to overthink in trying to get to the future. Go small, 2 minutes from now, 30 minutes from now, an hour from now. Don’t think about what’s going to happen next year. Are you on the path? What are you doing about it? Do it in the present.

Importance of breathing:

One of the modalities I practice is breath work. There are many different types of breath work out there. It’s so critical nowadays because of the pandemic. The coronavirus is affect the virus. People with this virus are struggling to breathe.

In Chinese medicine, lungs represent grief. So this is the collective releasing grief. This is where the world, mother nature and the universe is having us release grief. The lungs are the biggest organ in the body and the last organ to form when we’re forming. So breath work is critical even more so during the pandemic.

Most of us don’t breathe property. A lot of us are reverse breathers. Certain people have shallow breath. Some breathe too much. It’s a balance. We need both. We’ve been taught we need to get rid of the co2 but in reality these have to be balanced. Breath work is also a modality to help to be released from an attachment. When you feel an etherial experience it’s a way to help you heal on the etherial level. Some healing work has to be done on the energetic level. Breath work takes you out of the etherial body and takes you to the energetic realm to help you heal.

Breath work takes you out of being self aware so once you release that you release the emotions.

It’s not a coincidence that this virus affects our lungs. There are so many things happening in our country we haven’t dealt with. If you think about it our country is a young country. For more than 250 years we haven’t looked it in its eyes and asked what hasn’t for

2020 Energy - It’s been challenging. It’s been bad. But we’re just beginning with the work. The last 5 months of lockdown and quarantine has been quiet. Our country, our political system isn’t quiet. But this is actually a quiet time. Whats going to happen for the last quarter of the year it’s actually uprising. It’s going to get more into action. Getting more things done. Going into 2021 it’s all about working. Taking everything we’ve experienced this year and putting it to work. This year has been the training ground.

Next year we’re taking all the skillsets and putting it into action. Unfortunately it’s not coming to an end. It’s not going to be easier. It’s going to be uphill. Most people thing we’ve been going uphill but that’s not quite. Now we’re actually taking the ascent going uphill. So a lot of work involved. On an individual level up to nation, country and work.

The work is all about leading up to the election. It’s going carry on early next year. In March we’re going to see this whole shift happening. We’re going to feel the urge to take everything we’ve experienced this whole entire year and put into action.

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